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      National Code Module Name Hours

      KXA153 Computer Applications 60

      ICAITS202A Ensure privacy for users 10

      ICAITTW214A Maintain ethical conduct 10

      ICAITB070B Create Code for App's-A(JAVA) 100

      Discrete maths 80

      KXA151 Programming and Problem Solving 80

      ICAITB136A Use SQL to create db structures & manipulate data 30

      ICAITAD139A Design a database 50

      KXA154 Software Process-JAVA 80

      BSX154L501 Guide Application of project integrative processes 30

      KXA156 Multimedia and Web Applications 60

      ICAITT083B Develop and conduct client acceptance test 20

      ICAITT084B Perform stress and loading test of integrated platform 10

      ICAITB212A Implement quality assurance process for web sites 10

      ICAITAD141A Design dynamic web sites to meet technical req's 20

      ICAITAD151A Gather data to identify business requirements 20

      ICAITAD158A Translate the business needs into technical req's 20

      ICAITAD152 Implement risk management processes 20

      ICAITU208A Use site serve tools for e-business 20

      ICAITB162A Configure a payment gateway 20

      BSBEBUS508A Build a virtual community 20

      ICAITB168A Compile and run an application 30

      ICAITB180A Integrate a database with a web site 30

      ICAITS195A Ensure dynamic web site security 10

      ICAITS196A Implement secure encryption technologies 10

      ICAITS197A Install and maintain valid authentication processes 10

      Total Hours 860